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Other events:

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And we can of course organise private parties of any kind!

The anniversary of a business is always cause for celebration and if it is 27 years old, even more! FM Consulting celebrated its birthday on Friday 21st July, and trusted Marie-Noëlle Communications to create an unforgettable evening. At the agency we took charge of the entertainment for the evening that was full of surprises. Electronic violin music with impeccable solos accompanying the brilliant acrobatic performance of Le Cir, an exhibition of strength and elegance.

The coming together of renowned journalists and writers Arcadi Espada and Teodoro León Gross took place in Marbella, where they debated the present day challenges presented by national populism.


Marbella, 30th June: Last night a conference on ´National Populism and the Press´ was celebrated, organised the Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University in Spain, marking the start of their 2017 lecture series. The conference was led by distinguished journalists and writers Arcadi Espada and Teodoro León Gross. Both reflected on what is considered to be the most pertinent subject in the world at the moment, especially in the European Union.

Summer is finally here! To welcome it we collaborated with Don Carlos Leisure Resort and SPA´s ´Orange Beach Club´ who entrusted us with helping organise this special day. Summer kicked off with selected guests sampling the new summertime brunch menu prepared by Orange Beach Club. Guests, amongst whom was model Almudena Fernández, radiating beauty and elegance, enjoyed this exceptional place right on the beachfront  with a friendly and exclusive atmosphere. 

Marbella, November 11th 2016: this afternoon the auditorium of the Andalucía Lab in Marbella facilitated the ‘International Business Protocol’ course, which was organised by Marie-Noëlle Communications Agency and taught by Carlos Mohino Granados, who is an expert in this discipline. Mohino is a graduate of Camilo José Cela University of Madrid and has a masters’ degree from the University of Granada. As well as this, he is a member of the house of S.M del Rey and a lecturer at the University of Málaga.

Dinner organised by Ms. Astrid Misrahi and the Friends of Tel Aviv University Association in Spain, in homage to D. Henri Misrahi. With the collaboration of the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation, whose Scienitific Conference was participated in by Dr Illana Gozes, from Tel Aviv University.